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Agnitus 1:1
Bringing the Future into Classrooms Today

“Mom, can I play on your phone?”

Getting a smart phone or tablet away from a child these days is nearly impossible. Why not use a child’s fascination with these devices as a way to help them learn? It’s kind of like sneaking education into your iPhone or iPad… That’s exactly what we’ve been doing here at Agnitus for the past 2 years, and today we’re taking it to the next level.

Today Agnitus is introducing Agnitus 1:1 – a program to support individual teachers’ efforts to educate our leaders of tomorrow by bringing technology to our teachers one classroom at a time. As part of this program, it is our goal to have any teacher who has access to iPads in their classrooms to work with Agnitus COMPLETELY AT NO COST, a normally $180/year per student tuition fee, for the entire academic year 2013-2014. Agnitus was developed as a way to provide a strong foundation to prepare children for school. As our technology evolved, it became clear that we could further support and reinforce the education taking place in the classroom by providing tools for students to use while at home. Now, with Agnitus 1:1, we are taking things a step further by fully integrating the education taking place at school with the learning a child does outside of the classroom.

Children naturally gravitate towards technologies like the iPad and iPhone. When they are interacting with these technologies they often don’t even realize they’re learning. Naturally, teachers are looking for ways to capitalize on this interest and bring technology into their classroom. Agnitus 1:1 is the answer. The technology enables teachers to provide each child with the holy grail of a personalized 1:1 learning experience.

Additionally, research has shown that students who have parents engaged in their education experience tend to be more successful than students whose parents are less involved. With Agnitus’ technology the bridge has been built that will bring parents and teachers together to advance each child’s learning experience. The benefits teachers gain by using Agnitus in their classrooms include:

  • Access to real-time report cards that can be shared with parents
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of students to a single account
  • Fast and easy process to add new student accounts
  • Ability to sync individual student data across multiple devices
  • Daily progress monitoring of student achievement
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) tool for struggling students
  • The program responds to the individual student’s learning level and pace for a customized 1:1 experience
  • Teacher’s Controls allow teachers to guide students to activities that focus on specific skills

Agnitus has an easy sign up and qualification process for teachers who want to use the program in their classrooms. SIGN UP HERE: Fill in your name and school information, and you will receive instructions on how to get Agnitus started in your classroom. Additionally – there is a pre-written email that teachers can send to their student’s parents, letting them know that they will be using Agnitus in the classroom and how the parents can use it to complement classroom learning… and receive a discount from you!

At this time, Agnitus is not available for homeschooling teachers/parents. It is designed to support teachers in the classroom with 5 or more students. Any account with 4 children or less or inactivity is subject to review and may be disabled from the free teacher mode at our review team’s discretion. Not familiar with Agnitus? Read more about us: Agnitus is an adaptive learning program with over a million users targeted towards the education of students 2-6 years old. Agnitus’ Learning Program fits into a comprehensive curriculum designed by education experts to prepare each child to master age-appropriate skills recommended by the U.S. Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The advantage to our curriculum-based approach is that each activity adjusts to individual child’s abilities and needs. As a child masters a skill, Agnitus naturally transitions them to the next set of academic skill-building activities within the curriculum.

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