Toddler-Centered Learning With Digital-Tech Skill Reports?

As a parent, I ask myself if educational assessments in apps are constructive for my preschooler?  You may ask yourself – as I do – if you’re ready to deal with barely-post-toddler learning reports?

As children, we learned to read and write using repeated effort.  Report cards gave parents a comparative understanding of our strengths and areas to improve. The purpose of early childhood development curriculum in apps, is to help children learn by repetition too. A parent can make the most of educational apps by understanding analytical measures they provide.

Why should a parent care?  High quality educational apps make a dramatic difference in how your child feels about learning.  Apps focused on learner-centered interactivity that adapts to a child’s learning style may make digital learning uniquely consistent in reinforcing learning. For one thing, games are one-on-one.  ‘Smart’ apps build encouragement into playtime; learning is flexible, and can vary in time and place thanks to technology becoming more mobile and versatile.

Making the Most of Skill Reports – Why should we care about digital learning?

A learning report provides parents, just as an educator might, with the results of practice. Here are three important reasons for looking at a child’s curriculum progress:

  • At-a-glance format lets you see your child’s progress with real time assessment results.  A more detailed report is available with information about what your child is working on.
  • Why does it matter?  Children take in various learning and play experiences with adaptive software.  Learning from digital technology, our children become attuned to evidence-based experiences during playtime.
  • Concrete milestones are measures of mastery.  When we take our children to the physician, developmental skills are assessed.  As your child learns to play with educational games, you can be informed, and can be proactively supportive, anticipating learning challenges.

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