Summer Learning Loss and How Educational Apps Are a Game Changer

If your family is like ours, your children will not have been in school too long, before you begin to hear about ‘summer learning loss,’ the fact that when children have been away from preschool or elementary school for several weeks during the summer, they forget some basic elements of what they learned months earlier.

Educators begin a new school year with reviews and assessments to understand how much learning loss has occurred, and into which grouping level your child will be most appropriately placed.  If your child has been in school all summer, your child will be placed in a different level than a child whose first weeks of the new school year, will be conditioned with catching up.  In fact, some catch up, requires one-on-one support.

Throughout summer, the fun and discovery of learning can include making time for children to enhance their school-year learning, by using curriculum-based, educational apps available on digital devices. As I’ve mentioned here before, at Agnitus, we’re focused on producing the best quality learning experience possible for young children. We regularly evaluate and reevaluate our products.  We also keep an eye on the quality of other apps in the marketplace, and research whether they truly provide the learning curriculum they promise to deliver us as, the parents of young learners.

Remember that one really useful thing about a good educational app, besides it keeping your child interested in learning, is that a child can learn at her or his own pace in a good app.  Children can train themselves, without losing ‘face’ as they take on new learning challenges and learn to master skills through the process of trial and error on a ‘smart’ app that gently encourages learning principles.

Valuing intrinsic learning starts early in life, and our toddlers and preschoolers realize very soon, what it is to be encouraged and praised in activities. You can augment preschool and school day learning with an easy going, moderate, and consistent approach to educational apps.  When summer comes around again, you’ll have had time to come up with an action plan for summer learning, including proactively educating yourself about the best app choices for your child or children.  Digital curriculum and learning time, in addition to healthy family and community activities, will assure summer progress in academic comprehension, and new school year readiness.  Say goodbye to summer learning loss!  Fifteen minutes of educational play on the weekends will provide an ongoing learning boost to regular school days.  Does your child like to play on apps longer than 15 minutes?

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