Introducing The Agnitus Phonics Program

Agnitus’ new phonics program is designed to bring the best language arts instruction into your home.

Over these past 2 years we’ve been working with language arts specialists, phonics experts, and even speech pathologists to design comprehensive curriculum for successfully learning to read and write at an early age (Note to teachers: we blend a rigorous phonics program for reading with the best of the Whole Language approach, as it relates to comprehension, storytelling and memorization of irregular sight words).

Normally, literacy instruction doesn’t begin in earnest until Kindergarten;  but studies show that children are often able and ready for it by ages 3 or 4.  The problem is that they require more one-on-one attention and feedback, than parents or preschool teachers can realistically provide.

Agnitus: Modern Approach to Phonics:

•    We Start Early – We begin formal instruction early on in playful toddler level literacy exposure that progressively builds into a more rigorous literacy learning program.
•    Multisensory – We continually present visual, auditory, and contextual forms together, including interactive music and song!
•    Balanced Pedagogy – We blend best practices of Phonics & Whole Language instruction
•    Integrated Learning – Our suites of literacy games are synchronized to work together in unison
•    Leveled Games – We provide multiple suites of games, each one designed for a different stage of literacy learning, and each one adaptive and self-paced (Toddler-K…with 1st grade soon to come)

To read the details about the full Agnitus 2.0 release, click here.

Update your Agnitus app today to get The Agnitus Phonics Program. 

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