How to Win the Battle at Bedtime

How to Win the Battle at Bedtime

Putting your child to bed at night doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  Most parents are all too familiar with the “bedtime battle” that occurs when a child simply does not want to go to bed. What can you do to put bedtime problems to rest once and for all? Follow these tips to create a bedtime reading routine that your child will look forward to every evening.

1. Let them choose the book

Put together a selection of three to five books for your child to choose from. Include his or her favorite bedtime story even if you read it every night last week. The predictability of the story will help your child relax and fall asleep.

2. Make sure they are comfortable

It’s a beautiful sight when you look up after reading the last page of a book and your child is already asleep. Position yourself so that your son or daughter can see the pictures and follow along while lying down. Find your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal and put it in the bed ahead of time.

3. Get into it

Enthusiasm is contagious! If you’re excited about reading a story, your child will be excited about hearing it. Change your voice for different characters, make funny faces, and add sound effects to help the story come alive.

4. Ask questions

Reading should be interactive. Discussing the book with your child will make him feel like a part of the story. Ask questions such as: “What’s happening in this picture?  How do you think that makes him feel? Can you guess what will happen next?”

5. Allow them to read

Children imitate everything they see their parents do. If you read to your child every night, before long she will want to start reading herself. When this happens, it’s time to celebrate! You’ve taken the first step toward raising a child who loves books and is on the way to developing a lifelong passion for reading.

By Matt Freid

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