Fix to Agnitus 2.1


Parents and Friends!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Interactive Books in our latest Agnitus App update on both the iPhone and iPad! (G-Play and Kindle are coming soon!)

However, it appears our latest Agnitus 2.1 App Update has caused unforeseen issues for folks with an iPad 1 or who are on iOS 6.x or older — our team is working on the problem right now and we hope to have a solution right away. Our apologies for the issues.

You have 2 Options. 

Option 1 (aka the “Easy Option”) – update your iOS system on your iPads! It appears Apple just released a new update yesterday. Back up your data on Agnitus (if you are still able to access the Parent Dashboard) delete your Agnitus app and re-install. It should work. Read About Apple Update. 

Option 2 ( This is necessary for all iPad 1 users and for those refusing to leave iOS 6.x or older) 

Re-install an older version of Agnitus. This is not as easy as it sounds because there’s no Apple-supported way to go back to a previous version of an iOS application once you’ve updated. There is a workaround, however, if you haven’t yet emptied your Trash in the Finder (or if you can restore your Mobile Applications folder using Time Machine). Read on for the steps.

Follow These Steps: 

First – open up your Trash can and use the Finder and search for .ipa files — those are all the recently-updated iOS apps, and the older versions have been placed here for deletion. Grab the Agnitus app .ipa (2.0.1 or older) and drag it to the Desktop. If you have emptied your trash and do not have an older Agnitus .ipa file, check your backups (on TimeMachine for example) for older versions of the Agnitus .ipa files.

Next, open up iTunes and look in your Applications list in the library. Click on the current Agnitus app version and hit Delete. You’ll be prompted to either keep or delete the app file — you can choose Delete.

At this point, sync your iPad so the newer app gets removed from the device. Then, just drag your 2.0.1 or older Agnitus.ipa file into the Library section in iTunes. You can now sync back the older version to your iPad.

We apologize again and are working rapidly on a better solution. Please feel free to contact us at for any other questions or help.
To read the original instructions on where we discovered on how to do this app rollback to a previous version, please visit Apple

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