Cyber Monday Deal to Help Get You Through the Holidays

Ever wish you had a body double over the holidays?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the freedom to cook Thanksgiving dinner, clean up Thanksgiving dinner, shop for presents, talk with family and friends, or just relax and not worry about keeping your child entertained?

Don’t you wish you could be that parent on the airplane traveling for the holidays who has the perfect, well-behaved, non-screaming/crying child?

You can now!

Agnitus is here to help. Our learning platform gives your child 45+ activities to stay entertained, and best of all – learning, for hours while you deal with the holiday craziness.

And unlike sitting them in front of the TV, you get to see everything they learned.

From now through Cyber Monday, take advantage of a special Cyber Monday deal. You can get 50% off of Agnitus - FOR LIFE!

That’s more than enough to get you and your family through the holidays.

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