New Update: Introducing Tracing and Counting skills with cloud backup feature

Agnitus new update ver 1.6.0 is introducing two new skills with many new exciting features.

Tracing Letters:
Olly, the Circus Ring Master, teaches phonics and how to trace letters, while keeping your child engaged with fanciful costumes and delightful acrobatic performances, including juggling torches and animals.

Counting Up to 10:
Learn how to count as you get fish on the sea bus!

Cloud Backup & Sync:
Now your child’s step-by-step progress is saved in the cloud.  Whenever you re-install our app, you can easily download all the online-saved data into your new app installation.  You need never lose your child’s progress!

Multi-Child Report Card:
See a child’s or classroom’s performance at-a-glance.  View and touch the details of what children have learned and where each one needs help.

Agnitus Learning Games has 13 different games and activities that are mapped to Common Core State Standards, providing detailed skill-level reporting of your child’s performance and progression through the curriculum.


New Update: Get our exciting new size comparison game
New size comparison game

Agnitus is excited to offer our new mathematical learning game in our latest update (1.2.2).

Go on a fun mathematical adventure in our new treasure hunting game. Your child will sort giant stepping stones as they learn about size and the basic principles of counting.

Skills Developed:

  • Recognizing Patterns
  • Comparing and Contrasting Based on Size
  • Strategies for Sorting
  • Recognizing the Value of Numbers for Measurement

Update your Agnitus app today!!