Agnitus and Autism, ADD and Learning Challenges in General
Why is Agnitus so well suited for special needs (especially those on the autistic spectrum, those with ADD, or those who struggle with learning more generally)?
  • We provide rich, multisensory feedback, instruction, and gentle guidance, all at the moment a child needs it most
  • Touch-enabled devices are found to be more intuitive and accessible at earlier ages, and are especially helpful for young children on the autistic spectrum, who can often have issues using keyboards and mice (Davis, Dautenhahn, Powell, & Nehaniv, 2010).
  • We encourage parent participation, keeping parents and teachers informed of exactly what children are covering while allowing customized game access to meet children’s needs
  • We design games to draw children’s attention to the most important details related to any learning experiences, while using game play feedback to progressively reinforce a focus on goals and the play options available for realizing them.  This very personalized approach to keeping children educationally engaged is especially critical to overcome attentional issues affecting many children with (and without) special needs.
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