Agnitus! What Parents Really Think!!


Agnitus was a Gold Winner for the 2014 NAPPA (National Parenting Publication Awards)

NAPPA gave Agnitus their detailed interview feedback from the parents who tested Agnitus and found out what parents really thought about both of the pros and cons of subscribing to the Agnitus Learning Program.


Agnitus- Personal Learning Program 

How effective is Agnitus? How well does Agnitus meet the needs for which it was developed? Does it fulfill the claims it made? 

Parent Tester 1: Very effective app that fulfills the claims that it makes.

Parent Tester 2: It was exactly as it claimed to be.

Parent Tester 3: The Agnitus app is amazing. The educational games were disguised in such a way that they are nothing but pure fun. The skill and performance report for parents is more helpful than most information that comes home from preschool on the cognitive achievement level of my son. The product really fills a much-needed category in Ipad apps for something that is both educational and fun for a toddler. Going past the typical ABCs and 123s this app also introduced shapes, types of fruit and animals; providing a huge base of information a child can learn or practice while using the Ipad.

Is Agnitus pleasing to the eye? 

Parent Tester 1: Yes, kids loved it.

Parent Tester 2: Very cute graphics. Well-made.

Parent Tester 3: The app/website are both colorful and well laid out for user friendliness.
I love that the app can be preloaded with games for my son’s specific age; really
reducing the chance for him to just push buttons and end up in a game that is well above
his understanding.
How innovative is this app? 

Parent Tester 1: This app is innovative because as a teacher and parent, the evaluation and progress reports are extremely helpful. As a teacher I feel that such a program would be beneficial: great use of technology for children and teacher, helps with evaluation but more importantly, practice of skills and also evidence of performance without a child feeling nervous or self-conscious when being tested or practicing. With much of the testing with common core being computerized, it is a great way for kids to get use to such a format of evaluation. The fact that all activities for each child are being tracked is awesome.

Parent Tester 2: It’s the future. This is what education will be for our kids and it’s very innovative.

Parent Tester 3: While there are a ton of apps out there for kids, this is the first one I have seen that is also for parents, by providing some type of feedback on the games that the child plays. The educational content is really mixed in with fun, and it is easy to see why children might love to play these games so much.

Are the Agnitus graphics aesthetically pleasing? 

Parent Tester 1: Yes.

Parent Tester 2: YES my kids were both interested in them. 

Parent Tester 3: This program and website were amazing, the well thought out
curriculum really engages the child and the parent skill reports help to let parents know how their students is performing. I would not only buy this app for my own son, but also recommend it to any other parent out there.

YES my kids were both interested in them.
Is Agnitus practical?

Parent Tester 1: Yes, this app was very practical. It had many different areas such as professions, health and self-well being, and showed cause and effect. I liked the fact that the app did not just focus on academic subject areas. I felt good that computer time was “good” computer time. I did not have to worry about what they would be experiencing at any second if I were in another room for a bit.

Parent Tester 2: Very practical.

Is this app easy to use?

Parent Tester 1: Very easy to use. Four year old was able to navigate through without much help, and my 7 year old had no problems at all.

Parent Tester 2: It took a minute to get used to and to “unlock” and download levels. But we got the hang of it.

Parent Tester 3: This app is/was extremely easy to use. As a parent the skill reports are broken down by activity and then again by cognitive function. Progress is rated and an age level is attached to performance. This is super helpful for parents who really want to challenge their children outside of what they receive at preschool or elementary school.

The layout of the website/ app are very user friendly.

Is this app worth the price?

Parent Tester 1: Yes, I think it is definitely worth the price. Curious to know what pricing is for classroom /school?

Parent Tester 2: It seemed pricey for just an addition to the cheaper and free apps
available. The usefulness of tracking our kids progress might be worth it if they are being Home schooled, or need attention to a certain concentration of study.

Parent Tester 3: The product is totally worth the 6.99 price. This is easily one of the best apps I have seen for educational games.

Which features did you like best about this app?

Parent Tester 1: As an educator, I liked the evaluation and reporting section, which tracked the children. I really love it. The children liked it because the app gave them different areas to explore. Just by tapping the corner icon, they were able to pick and choose from a variety of activities. They loved learning how to care for themselves. For example: hot water burns, they were able to squeegee the steam of the shower doors. It just didn’t give math facts or looking for errors in sentences it was real to the kids and they enjoyed it. My nephew who is four couldn’t stop exploring. Again, the best part for me was at the end of the day I could see what skills were mastered and where he may need some work.

Parent Tester 2: The positive reinforcement my child received. The “toys” she collected and the playtime it gave her to catch a break from the mental exercises.

Parent Tester 3: The games themselves are innovative, colorful, educational and fun. My son and I had a lot of fun playing with colors and types of fruit. He loved the cartoon nature of the characters and I loved how educational the games were.

What did you like least about this app? 

Parent Tester 1: I really felt it was a great app. I will need a bit more time exploring to discover its shortcomings, but I doubt there are any.

Parent Tester 2: It’s expensive and I didn’t find the tracking system to be easy to use or useful for a parent like me. Perhaps it will matter more to other parents- I certainly don’t have the time for that.

Parent Tester 3: As of yet there isn’t anything I didn’t like about the app. It was easy to use and fun.

How would you improve this app? 

Parent Tester 2: Maybe keep the “results” portion internal. I would rather receive 1
weekly summary email about my kid’s work than have to look at the whole thing the way it set up- for me it’s a bit daunting. I wish It were simplified- And it’s be nice to spread out the payments or just charge a minimal “house-hold membership” and offer exclusive access by joining.

Additional Comments: 

Parent Tester 1: Agnitus became a household word! The kids and I loved it!

Parent Tester 2: It’s the wave of the future. My kid felt like she was playing even though she knew she was learning. It won’t replace her favorite games — but it doesn’t claim to do that. It is another level of self-teaching, self-correcting and self-motivating education for our kids.

Parent Tester 3: This program and website were amazing, the well thought out
curriculum really engages the child and the parent skill reports help to let parents know how their students is performing. I would not only buy this app for my own son, but also recommend it to any other parent out there.


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