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What our parents and teachers are saying!

Great App!

Slimzzk   -   Jun 29, 2014

Good solid interactive books and phonics program. My son's kindergarten used it and the teacher told us about it. My son loves the app and plays with it many times a week. The large selection of books and games makes it a great one-stop experience. I was sick of searching new apps each week.

Great app to keep fun & learning going for summer

GrandMaZZK   -   Jun 29, 2014

The games are a lot fun and engaging. My daughter think that she is playing games, when she is in fact learning basic reading, writing and math skills..... Wonderfully done app. Good work :)


Crazyangel19   -   Jun 15, 2014

This app is the best I love it

Quality Program

LorraineInWI   -   May 22, 2014

I've been a learning disabilities teacher for almost 40 years and have always embraced new techniques, new programs, and new technology - different things work for different kids who have different issues. After some of my parents that I recommend use Agnitus told me they were concerned because of some recent negative reviews, I felt compelled to write my experience. (I notice the 1 star reviews are not about the program but about paying for it, which is very disappointing and a disservice to parents and teachers who truly are looking for quality programs that can enhance their child's lives and education. I urge people who are angry about the pricing to write a review on the program based on it's merits and quality so that parents who are interested in investing in their child's education can read a fair evaluation of the actual program.) We started using Agnitus with a few of our kids at the start of the year and the independence and confidence the kids experienced doing this program on their own and without the need of an aid is indescribable. The reports are so detailed - I was able to share them with their main homeroom teachers as well as with their parents and aids who were working with them. After our principal saw how I was using the reports this app generated (available on the computer too) to communicate to so many people as well as the improvements these students had made, he applied for a grant to get iPads just for the new 4k classrooms, our kinder classes and for our classroom. The older classes have chrome books but the 4k and kinder kids have been left out for the past 2 years. Without Agnitus, I don't think the effort to get tablets in the early year classrooms would have ever happened. I have tested and tried many education apps, computer programs, etc - always with optimism of finding a new quality program that supports what we are required to teach (and the kids are required to learn) and there are some fun, engaging apps - but none that are so aligned to what we're teaching these kids. It's an amazing program parents and teachers can use to help reinforce what their child is learning in the classroom. I recommend it to everyone to try this program. It can truly make a difference in your child's education, learning, confidence …. all resulting in fantastic personal growth for your child! You can't ask for a better investment of your $ than that.

Teacher Approved

Fr3ddyZ0   -   May 21, 2014

Wow! There is so much here. My 3 yr old continues to play a year later and the new stories are adorable! As an educator I'm very impressed. Their multisensory approach and comprehensive support for kindergarten readiness skills really stands out. I'd love to see coverage of word families (hint..hint ;), but am so happy I found you all. Thanks Agnitus, keep it up!

2years and 2 months

Low vocabulary! Lol   -   May 20, 2014

My son is 26months, he counts to 14, knows his colors, matches shapes, sings songs and reads the books. This app is wonderful! Well worth the money. I say get the 3 month package and try it out. All my kids use it the 2 year old, the kindergartener as well as the 2nd grader. They love it.

Keeps my kids attn better than Frozen!!

FroggerZa   -   May 19, 2014

I have 2 kids and my daughter's schoool was using this app in the classroom - the teacher was raving about it so we felt it was worth the $ investment to check it out. we started using it almst 6 months ago and its by far the most valuable app on our iPad! We love the new skills and games they add every month and I love that they have their own profiles that match each of my kid's learning level. we just bought 2 iPad minis for both of my kids (2 and 5) to help save us on our 24 hour trip to South America this summer! the only other thing that keeps their attention for as long as this app is Frozen!!! wxcept at least with this app - they are engaged learning something new every second they are on it. love it

Just amazing

LuciLu650   -   May 19, 2014

My 5 year old has been using this for the past few months and her teachers recently told us about her improvement in her reading! She was really struggling all year. we gave this to her and she'd play for up to an hour if we let her - but always - in the car, at night, in the morning!!! these games were so fun and her teacher said she is now where some of the top kids in her class are at in reading!!! We work with her with other activities to help her imprve but I really feel this app made the biggest difference in her reading skills - mainly because she wants to play it all the time!!

Grand-daughter Loves This!

PapaJojo123   -   May 19, 2014

I put this app on my iPad over a year ago for my then 2 year old for when she would come to visit. I try to limit her time with TV and the iPad but it is a great help when it's just her and me and I need to get lunch ready or she's running errands with me in the car. I have a few on there but she always goes to this app. She was repeating everything it said and could count to 10 by herself within the first month! For her 3rd birthday, I gave her/her parents an iPad mini before they left for their Spring Break vacation…..and my son called asking "what is "Nitus?" - She keeps asking for "Nitus" - after 2 seconds I knew right away "Agnitus!!!" And because her same account is available on any device she plays in after we log in - she is able to play on her parents and then on mine at my home and the program lets her picks up where she leftoff!!! An incredibly clever program. You won't be dispapointed

Best thing I've ever found!

Ms. Alamartine   -   May 19, 2014

I use Agnitus in my kinder classroom. We have a range of some learning challenged students, 3 ESL students and for the most part - the rest are normal level students that I usually see year after year. Except this year - we started using Agnitus with every student for around 15 mins a day - and those "normal" students - are doing division and spelling… and other skills that don't even get introduced until the mid-year of 1st grade!! Agnitus has also catapulted the advancement of my ESL students faster than the ESL students in the other 3 kinder classrooms who don't use Agnitus. And because you can have multiple child profiles a month on 1 account - all the games and skills that are introduced to each of my students is a dynamic experience based on what that student's current learning level is at that moment!! I share the report cards weekly with my parents and it's an amazing and EASY way for me to make suggestions of areas of focus parents can do with their kids home in areas that the child is struggling. I wish I could upload video to show you the progress of some of my challenged kids and ESL kids… Agnitus has been a serious huge factor in helping support my efforts in my classroom and has impacted my students more than any other supplemental activity I've ever tried or found in the past. I recommend it to all my parents to use at home if they don't have time to sit down and work with their kids (better than Angry Birds!!!) Next year - our school has purchase 30 new iPads for the other 3 kinder rooms specifically because of how well my students outperformed the other 3 classrooms during our spring assessments.