Agnitus 2.0 – New Literacy and Mathematical Games

Today marks the availability of Agnitus 2.0, which is a major addition of literacy and mathematical skills to the Agnitus adaptive learning program. We’re really excited about Agnitus 2.0 because it covers 22 additional required common core curriculum skills, continuing our mission of making Agnitus a program that can help children at home by complementing the learning happening in school and also help teachers as a classroom teaching tool.

As with all of our games, the new games in Agnitus 2.0 are designed to allow children to learn and advance at their own pace, progressively building upon past skills mastered. They also offer children learning advancement beyond the skills available in our existing program.

For the past two years we’ve been working with language arts specialists, phonics experts, and speech pathologists to design a comprehensive curriculum, blending phonics-based methods with the Whole Language approach, to help children learn to read and write at an early age. This curriculum is included in Agnitus 2.0, linking together 14 new games to help develop a progressive program of literacy skills for children.

A new set of math games included in units 2.0 is aimed at teaching mathematical concepts so children can build on our previous set of games which helped them learn the meaning of numbers. Number lines are important to establishing mathematical foundations so we’ve added a number line program to Agnitus, helping children make connections between quantity, sequence and measurement. This new set of games helps children navigate up and down a number line, then the app automatically moves them to learn number sequences, basic arithmetic, skip counting, multiplication, factoring and division.


Here is the full list of new skills children can learn from the additions made to Agnitus with Agnitus 2.0:

  • Learn to Recognize Uppercase Letters

  • Learn to Recognize Upper and Lowercase Letters

  • Learn to Write Uppercase Letters Properly

  • Learn to Write Lowercase Letters Properly

  • Improve Writing Speed and Fine Motor Control

  • Build Phonetic Awareness of Letter Sounds

  • Practice Matching Lower to Upper Case Letters

  • Learn that Words are Made Up of Letters

  • Learn To Hear the Letter Sounds in Words

  • Learn How to Combine Sounds to Make Words

  • Learn to Combine Letters to Spell Words

  • Understand How Text is Read from Left to Right

  • Learn to Recognize and Write Numbers up to 20

  • Learn to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Objects

  • Learn about Subtraction and Zero in Real World Math Problems

  • Learn to Divide Objects Amongst Groups

  • Build Visual Spatial Skills Needed for Geometry

  • Learn the Geometry of How Shapes Fit Together

  • Learn How Objects Balance Around Centers of Gravity

  • Learn Strategies for Recognizing Patterns

  • Creatively Explore Color in Freeform Drawing

  • Begin Learning about Work and Professions

If you’re currently using Agnitus, you’ll see the Agnitus 2.0 available in your app today. If you’re not already using the app, visit the iTunes app store and download it to help your child learn all of these skills – and more.

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