A fond farewell to half-baked multi-tasking! A dad’s quest for simplicity

This is not a corporate blog.  Plenty of companies are already blogging. This is a personal blog about everyday problems I face at home as I teach my kids about learning.  Human societies have taught kids what is meaningful for thousands of years.  When our ancestors lived in extended families and small communities, elders and neighbors helped educate children, everyone shared wisdom.  Knowledge is taught today mostly by teachers.  We Google information that comes to us, but it’s not real knowledge, it’s based on keyword optimization, paid for by ads.

This blog is first-hand, by a parent  who wants simple, straightforward information about helping kids learn.  That’s it!  How can I teach my children colors, numbers, counting, shapes, money, measurement, weight, size, elevation, health, food, energy, animals, fruits, plants, history, how a car works, how to braid hair, and seeing constellations?  I’m looking for one simple activity at any given time, that will help my child learn.

For instance, I want exactly ONE activity for teaching my kids to count.  Surely, there are umpteen ways to learn counting, but I want simplicity.  At parent-teacher conferences – honestly – I always leave scratching my head. The teacher rattled off a dozen things to help my child learn to count. I’ve forgotten what they were. Where do I start?

From time to time here, I’ll post something about the product we’ve built, and what’s interesting about it. Every now and then you might read about my great inventions and ideas!  Mostly, I’ll write about everyday issues with my children and keeping them engaged so they learn.  I say this because we know how easy it is to put children in front of a TV or a game on the iPad/iPhone.  If we use Baby Einstein, we convince ourselves that it’s making a kid smarter.  Did my child learn anything from it? Who knows?

I’ll keep posts short and focused on one thing and one thing only.  Which is pretty much who I am.  Not only am I not a good multi-tasker, I think it is an oxymoron.  Unless you plan to do everything half-baked, multitasking results are poor and reveal that you’re distracted.  I have difficulty holding my children’s attention for more than 10 minutes. After that, my kids lose interest and I lose patience.  You might say I search for meaningful simplicity with my children!

Short on time, I’ll write frequently, seeing if I can convince others to help me out with posts. Hopefully, when I’m done with this, it will be a simple collection of things to do with your child.  Something like those books that are (or were) available in bookstores…. 101 Ways to Relax, 101 Things to Say to Your Loved Ones, 101 Activities I Will Do This Year, etc.  I hope to brilliantly simplify things into one-liners and make your day a little better when you read them!

This post is written by Azhar Khan. CEO & Co-Founder of Agnitus

2 thoughts on “A fond farewell to half-baked multi-tasking! A dad’s quest for simplicity

  1. thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Im really looking forward to the simplistic approach-for some reason people have forgotten that Less can be More. thanx for the reminder!


  2. UPDATE: We have just updated our blog to make it mobile friendly.

    We are working on mobile version of our blog and website. It will be available soon.

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