Agnitus! What Parents Really Think!!


Agnitus was a Gold Winner for the 2014 NAPPA (National Parenting Publication Awards)

NAPPA gave Agnitus their detailed interview feedback from the parents who tested Agnitus and found out what parents really thought about both of the pros and cons of subscribing to the Agnitus Learning Program.


Agnitus- Personal Learning Program 

How effective is Agnitus? How well does Agnitus meet the needs for which it was developed? Does it fulfill the claims it made? 

Parent Tester 1: Very effective app that fulfills the claims that it makes.

Parent Tester 2: It was exactly as it claimed to be.

Parent Tester 3: The Agnitus app is amazing. The educational games were disguised in such a way that they are nothing but pure fun. The skill and performance report for parents is more helpful than most information that comes home from preschool on the cognitive achievement level of my son. The product really fills a much-needed category in Ipad apps for something that is both educational and fun for a toddler. Going past the typical ABCs and 123s this app also introduced shapes, types of fruit and animals; providing a huge base of information a child can learn or practice while using the Ipad.

Is Agnitus pleasing to the eye? 

Parent Tester 1: Yes, kids loved it.

Parent Tester 2: Very cute graphics. Well-made.

Parent Tester 3: The app/website are both colorful and well laid out for user friendliness.
I love that the app can be preloaded with games for my son’s specific age; really
reducing the chance for him to just push buttons and end up in a game that is well above
his understanding.
How innovative is this app? 

Parent Tester 1: This app is innovative because as a teacher and parent, the evaluation and progress reports are extremely helpful. As a teacher I feel that such a program would be beneficial: great use of technology for children and teacher, helps with evaluation but more importantly, practice of skills and also evidence of performance without a child feeling nervous or self-conscious when being tested or practicing. With much of the testing with common core being computerized, it is a great way for kids to get use to such a format of evaluation. The fact that all activities for each child are being tracked is awesome.

Parent Tester 2: It’s the future. This is what education will be for our kids and it’s very innovative.

Parent Tester 3: While there are a ton of apps out there for kids, this is the first one I have seen that is also for parents, by providing some type of feedback on the games that the child plays. The educational content is really mixed in with fun, and it is easy to see why children might love to play these games so much.

Are the Agnitus graphics aesthetically pleasing? 

Parent Tester 1: Yes.

Parent Tester 2: YES my kids were both interested in them. 

Parent Tester 3: This program and website were amazing, the well thought out
curriculum really engages the child and the parent skill reports help to let parents know how their students is performing. I would not only buy this app for my own son, but also recommend it to any other parent out there.

YES my kids were both interested in them.
Is Agnitus practical?

Parent Tester 1: Yes, this app was very practical. It had many different areas such as professions, health and self-well being, and showed cause and effect. I liked the fact that the app did not just focus on academic subject areas. I felt good that computer time was “good” computer time. I did not have to worry about what they would be experiencing at any second if I were in another room for a bit.

Parent Tester 2: Very practical.

Is this app easy to use?

Parent Tester 1: Very easy to use. Four year old was able to navigate through without much help, and my 7 year old had no problems at all.

Parent Tester 2: It took a minute to get used to and to “unlock” and download levels. But we got the hang of it.

Parent Tester 3: This app is/was extremely easy to use. As a parent the skill reports are broken down by activity and then again by cognitive function. Progress is rated and an age level is attached to performance. This is super helpful for parents who really want to challenge their children outside of what they receive at preschool or elementary school.

The layout of the website/ app are very user friendly.

Is this app worth the price?

Parent Tester 1: Yes, I think it is definitely worth the price. Curious to know what pricing is for classroom /school?

Parent Tester 2: It seemed pricey for just an addition to the cheaper and free apps
available. The usefulness of tracking our kids progress might be worth it if they are being Home schooled, or need attention to a certain concentration of study.

Parent Tester 3: The product is totally worth the 6.99 price. This is easily one of the best apps I have seen for educational games.

Which features did you like best about this app?

Parent Tester 1: As an educator, I liked the evaluation and reporting section, which tracked the children. I really love it. The children liked it because the app gave them different areas to explore. Just by tapping the corner icon, they were able to pick and choose from a variety of activities. They loved learning how to care for themselves. For example: hot water burns, they were able to squeegee the steam of the shower doors. It just didn’t give math facts or looking for errors in sentences it was real to the kids and they enjoyed it. My nephew who is four couldn’t stop exploring. Again, the best part for me was at the end of the day I could see what skills were mastered and where he may need some work.

Parent Tester 2: The positive reinforcement my child received. The “toys” she collected and the playtime it gave her to catch a break from the mental exercises.

Parent Tester 3: The games themselves are innovative, colorful, educational and fun. My son and I had a lot of fun playing with colors and types of fruit. He loved the cartoon nature of the characters and I loved how educational the games were.

What did you like least about this app? 

Parent Tester 1: I really felt it was a great app. I will need a bit more time exploring to discover its shortcomings, but I doubt there are any.

Parent Tester 2: It’s expensive and I didn’t find the tracking system to be easy to use or useful for a parent like me. Perhaps it will matter more to other parents- I certainly don’t have the time for that.

Parent Tester 3: As of yet there isn’t anything I didn’t like about the app. It was easy to use and fun.

How would you improve this app? 

Parent Tester 2: Maybe keep the “results” portion internal. I would rather receive 1
weekly summary email about my kid’s work than have to look at the whole thing the way it set up- for me it’s a bit daunting. I wish It were simplified- And it’s be nice to spread out the payments or just charge a minimal “house-hold membership” and offer exclusive access by joining.

Additional Comments: 

Parent Tester 1: Agnitus became a household word! The kids and I loved it!

Parent Tester 2: It’s the wave of the future. My kid felt like she was playing even though she knew she was learning. It won’t replace her favorite games — but it doesn’t claim to do that. It is another level of self-teaching, self-correcting and self-motivating education for our kids.

Parent Tester 3: This program and website were amazing, the well thought out
curriculum really engages the child and the parent skill reports help to let parents know how their students is performing. I would not only buy this app for my own son, but also recommend it to any other parent out there.


Is Montessori Right for Your Child?
Are you informed about preschools and the basis for curricular pedagogy used at the schools you are considering?  I highly recommend a commitment to exploring this for parents, because it also helps us understand how rigorously a school supports a particular model, or whether a school practices modified pedagogical principles. Hybridization in teaching and learning styles often evolve as trends based on new information emerge about child well being.One of the world’s most recognized pioneers in early childhood development (ECD), was Maria Montessori.  To better understand the essence of the Montessori Education System, it is useful to consider her ideas within their foundational contexts.  Dr. Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian physician and educator.  She first came to her philosophy about child-rearing through medical training, specializing in problems with development and children’s aptitude for learning and socialization.In 1913, Montessori published a striking work, now dated, called Pedagogical Anthropology.  Nearly 600 pages, the compendium is a forerunner to statistical assessments in childhood development, both physical and psychosocial.  Have you ever thought about measurements your child’s nurse or pediatrician takes on your child – data that pinpoint the circumference of your child’s head, his or her height and weight within cohort range? The genesis of this tradition in assessments and benchmarks came about from Montessori’s and her peers modeling in new pedagogical theory.While this work was one of several works by Dr. Montessori, an Enquirer learns from this text, that she came to understand, for instance, the emotion in the children’s faces, through studies in the underlying muscle tissue.  When she describes body types, photographs provide details of skeletal development and articulation in very young children.  Based on this knowledge, Montessori sought to understand the experience of the young child, beginning with a Tabula rasa (“blank slate”).  Her belief was, once life begins, knowledge comes from experience and perception.From this standpoint, Montessori focused – as is well-known – on the individual child.  One of her most important works, The Child in the Family, describes how important it is for parents and educators to follow “the spiritual expressions of the child.”  A central tenet of the Montessori Method is valued, rather than “interfering” with a child’s activities and engagement.  She believed the educational system should provide children, “shelter in the storm, the oasis in the desert…” , meaning, an environment free of the burdens imposed by attitudes in the adult-centered world.Montessori was very much influenced by psychoanalysis, the development of the ego, and childhood fluorescence (and trauma). She championed the profound needs of the child in the ego’s struggle to adjust to adults and others in society, and she felt these childhood needs were not recognized by adult society, and could lead to “… an abyss of unexpected evils.”  The “repressed spirit” of the individual child therefore, finds expression in the Montessori Method. The established pedagogy, or ‘system’ for Montessori is dedicated to this emphasis on healthy ego development, and to overcoming damaging aspects of education and society. Her curriculum was an early, child-centered model that emphasizes spontaneous play and options.
Fast forward a century, and Montessori’s ego-development model may seem a little old-fashioned. But institutions continue to integrate her most influential principles into their curriculum.  Her ideas have had globally constructive influences on childhood development theory, on education and educators. Educators continue to value the individuation of the child, the challenges of separating the child from the freedoms of the natural self.  Modern educators influenced by Montessori’s ideas, teach today without being the “educationalists” that earlier critics of Montessori condemned. In a century, Montessori’s pedagogical philosophy diffused universally to cultures and nations of diverse origins.  UNICEF supports the rescue of the child from adult suffering, based on Montessori’s clarity in addressing the individual child’s needs and healthy adjustment to society.
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Why Measure Learning?
In today’s society we measure EVERYTHING.  We buy a car based on horsepower or fuel economy, we measure our health in terms of things like blood pressure and weight, our fitness per calories consumed and burned, our financial stability in terms of salary and savings; and the list goes on and on.
But how do you know when you are healthier, or faster, or fitter?  You cannot improve what you cannot measure.  Once you start measuring, you are finally able to understand where you are in relation to where you want to be.  It does not matter what it is that you want to change.  It could be memory, mental alertness, strength, endurance, memory, etc.

We are okay to measure our health, diagnose an ailment, and then follow a plan to get better. BUT, we often do not approach education in the same way.  While tools for measuring learning are widely available, parents, teachers and society have not fully embraced them.  The results may show that we need improvement, which can be disheartening.  But, the reality is, that once you know, you can improve.

While we are not born with the same advantages, we all have the opportunity to grow our intelligence.  That is right.  Intelligence is developed over time.  Studies show that it just takes discipline, practice and educational support, including the feedback made possible through measurement.  We just have to keep challenging ourselves one small step at a time.

So what is the point you ask?  Well, if you are not measuring and monitoring your own learning, or more specifically your child’s, the likelihood that you and your child are performing at your best is small.
While I might have not learned and operated at my personal best all of my life, I certainly want this for my children today.  This is why I built Agnitus.
So start measuring and tracking your child’s learning today, and help them perform at their very best.
New Grading System!!


Our new percentile based grading system is just one more way that Agnitus is helping you to be a part of your children’s adventure in learning!  In addition to our detailed Skill Reports, which continue to show you your children’s accuracy with each kind of activity, Agnitus’s grades now give feedback about how each child’s performance compares to others.

As your children play, the accuracy and speed of their performance are compared to children of the same age from around the world, with “grades” being awarded as follows:

  •  A+  reflects a performance only demonstrated by the top 10% in the world
  • A     reflects a performance only demonstrated by the top 20% in the world
  • B+   indicates a performance well above average
  • B     indicates a performance just above average
  • C+  indicates a performance just below average
  • C    reflects a below average performance
  • F     may indicate when additional assistance or time is needed to develop a skill
Additional Information:

These are not your typical “grades”.  And that’s a good thing!  They do not reflect whether or not a child has mastered particular content.  That is what you can find in our general “Skill Reports”.  What the “Grade Reports” communicate, is how well a child is performing, over time, compared to their international peers of the same age.  Only once enough information has been gathered from a skill’s games can a grade be calculated.  Your child may need to play a skill’s games for a few days before a grade will be shown.  And grades can change over time, but only when a child’s rate of learning changes, accelerating or slowing down.

Fix to Agnitus 2.1


Parents and Friends!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Interactive Books in our latest Agnitus App update on both the iPhone and iPad! (G-Play and Kindle are coming soon!)

However, it appears our latest Agnitus 2.1 App Update has caused unforeseen issues for folks with an iPad 1 or who are on iOS 6.x or older — our team is working on the problem right now and we hope to have a solution right away. Our apologies for the issues.

You have 2 Options. 

Option 1 (aka the “Easy Option”) – update your iOS system on your iPads! It appears Apple just released a new update yesterday. Back up your data on Agnitus (if you are still able to access the Parent Dashboard) delete your Agnitus app and re-install. It should work. Read About Apple Update. 

Option 2 ( This is necessary for all iPad 1 users and for those refusing to leave iOS 6.x or older) 

Re-install an older version of Agnitus. This is not as easy as it sounds because there’s no Apple-supported way to go back to a previous version of an iOS application once you’ve updated. There is a workaround, however, if you haven’t yet emptied your Trash in the Finder (or if you can restore your Mobile Applications folder using Time Machine). Read on for the steps.

Follow These Steps: 

First – open up your Trash can and use the Finder and search for .ipa files — those are all the recently-updated iOS apps, and the older versions have been placed here for deletion. Grab the Agnitus app .ipa (2.0.1 or older) and drag it to the Desktop. If you have emptied your trash and do not have an older Agnitus .ipa file, check your backups (on TimeMachine for example) for older versions of the Agnitus .ipa files.

Next, open up iTunes and look in your Applications list in the library. Click on the current Agnitus app version and hit Delete. You’ll be prompted to either keep or delete the app file — you can choose Delete.

At this point, sync your iPad so the newer app gets removed from the device. Then, just drag your 2.0.1 or older Agnitus.ipa file into the Library section in iTunes. You can now sync back the older version to your iPad.

We apologize again and are working rapidly on a better solution. Please feel free to contact us at for any other questions or help.
To read the original instructions on where we discovered on how to do this app rollback to a previous version, please visit Apple
Introducing Interactive Books

Agnitus is proud to announce the introduction of our new, animated, interactive books!

Interactive Books brings children’s stories to life by transforming classic tales into interactive, learning experiences. In our first release, children can sing along to beautifully animated Mother Goose classics as they build the confidence and vocabulary needed for independent reading.

Subscribers have access to new stories each month as well as personalized recommendations based on your child’s reading level. Sign up today for your free 30 day trial and try all 60+ games on or on the App!



Agnitus Nabs 2 KAPI Awards!

HUGE THANKS for all the support from our PARENTS and FANS who continually make our games and program part of your children’s lives!!! Agnitus nabbed 2 awards. Best Children’s App (for pre-readers) and Best Education Technology! See more at the KAPI Site:

And Congrats to the Agnitus TEAM for building such an amazing product with the level of passion, care and attention to detail that you do. 

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Ever wish you had a body double over the holidays?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the freedom to cook Thanksgiving dinner, clean up Thanksgiving dinner, shop for presents, talk with family and friends, or just relax and not worry about keeping your child entertained?

Don’t you wish you could be that parent on the airplane traveling for the holidays who has the perfect, well-behaved, non-screaming/crying child?

You can now!

Agnitus is here to help. Our learning platform gives your child 45+ activities to stay entertained, and best of all – learning, for hours while you deal with the holiday craziness.

And unlike sitting them in front of the TV, you get to see everything they learned.

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Contest Terms & Conditions


Official Rules

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  1. Eligibility: Contest is open only to residents of the United States. Participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the contest. Employees of Agnitus, including their respective affiliates, and subsidiaries, and immediate family members of employees are not eligible.

  2. How to enter: Entrants must

    • Like the Mamapedia Facebook page and enter in their email so we can notify them if they have won.

    • No purchase is necessary

  3. Prizes: Agnitus will send an iPad mini to 1 winner and enable that winner with 1 tuition-free scholarship for a full year. In the event that the prize becomes unavailable, Agnitus reserves the right to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value. No alternative prize, cash equivalent, or other substitution is permitted except by Agnitus in the event of prize unavailability. Prizes are non-transferable. All federal, state and/or local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Winner is also responsible for internet access fees and service charges.

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